Dana Young Art

Dana Young & Ira Cohen


Dana In The BrickYard…

Dana In Kathmandu…

Dana In Kathmand

Dana Young – Don Juan’s Dream 

Dana Young – Crouching Demon

Opium Elementals…

Dana Young – An Atomic Angel

Dana Young – New Year Dream
Dana New Year dream180-100

Dana Young – Yogi

Dana Yogi178-100

One Reply to “Dana Young Art”

  1. hello all at bardo matrix. I recently came across the bardo matrix website as Dorje Heavey is my partners brother. I live in Dublin, Ireland. My partner Isolda had found out about the site through dorje and was perusing it and found the art of Dana Young very captivating.

    My names Gavin and I am a musician and have recently completed the recording of my bands second album. We have been struggling to find suitable artwork for the album cover and when I saw the ‘New Year Dream’ picture by Dana Young I thought it could be perfect.

    My bands name is ‘The Cujo family’. We are a folk rock band from the east coast of Ireland. the album is called ‘Stories of Ruin’. We will be printing the album onto vinyl and cd very soon but the artwork is holding us up.

    I wondered how you guys would feel about us using the image? If you are not cool with it I totally understand. I can send you guys a link to listen to the music if you like. Anyway let me know how you feel about it.

    All the best, Gavin.

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